The Yearly Clichè

The Yearly Clichè

Although it’s all very clichè, as humans we just can’t help but to re-evaluate our lives as the New Year rings in. With this post hopefully that doesn’t have to mean it’s a scary or depressing thought!

The fact you’re meant to ‘start as you mean to go on’ should definitely motivate us to begin 2016 with a positive mindset but if you’re struggling, don’t worry! Hopefully this will encourage you to make the most of the year ahead and get you ticking off that list of aspirations…

One thing that massively inspires me is surrounding myself by quotes. I’ve included a few that I’ve found recently on Pinterest that I think i’d like to look back on during 2016 in the hope that they remind me to go after my goals and make it a good year!


did.jpgdo it.jpg



(I hope they help you too)

-PS: see more of my pins on my Pinterest page @sarahpanther23

Another habit I like to get in to at the beginning of the year is writing a list of goals for myself.

By Christmas I normally know what areas of my life need a little more focus and so I generally write down a list of things that I want to do in the next 12 months in order to help myself reach certain points.

This year was no different, I included… Move out Start Invisalign treatment Print photos from 2015 Visit Adam in Brighton Get into a routine with the gym and yoga

Lastly I like to have a good clear-out! Social media included.

Each year I find myself with more and more things. This year especially…

When I moved out of my house in June 2015 I couldn’t believe how much stuff I had to box up! I’m in no way a hoarder, in fact i’m nearly the opposite, I can’t stand holding on to something I don’t need but I have found that I love to buy and rarely get around to having a good sort-out.

If you think of it all in categories, there are certain ones I don’t even consider when contemplating throwing some of it away. Mainly books (I have a good amount of them).

So what is left that I can go through? Well… clothes, make-up and mainly social media.

There are so many people on my Facebook account that i’m friends with (and do know of) but that I never talk to or just find irritating. I’ll sometimes hide their posts from my wall through feeling bad at deleting them but every now and then I will go through my friends list and delete anyone I wouldn’t wish a happy Birthday to…

I find it refreshing and it helps me to just focus more on my own problems and to just stay aware of what my close friends are up to and not the whole town.

You could stretch this as far as you want to, over as many different social media sites as you like but Facebook is the main one I feel like I benefit from when I do this.


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