2015 and being a ‘How-To’ girl

2015 and being a ‘How-To’ girl

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Since watching How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days i’ve always liked the idea of being a ‘How-To’ girl, and this week i’ve done it… Not necessarily in the same way Andy did it, but it’s a ‘How-To’ none the less! We’ll call it a ‘How-To: look back at the year positively’.

It’s an idea that I think anyone would benefit from and so I wanted to share it with you ready for 2016 (Nearly…) It takes no time but can bring real happiness!

All you need is a piece of paper (I use a pocket diary sized piece), and a pen.

I write the new year at the top (e.g 2016) and then I usually keep it in my memory box or diary. The idea is that when you do something fun, or something wonderful happens during that year, you make a note of it on the paper.

It can be something big or small, as long as it’s a happy memory.

In the past i’ve documented anything from a special birthday lunch with my grandparents and getting a new car to my school prom and a family trip to New York City. It’s all about remembering the year for the positive moments and trying to forget about the bad.

We all have good and bad years. If you do a lot of exciting things one year you may find it easy to look back on in a positive light but I think that by documenting your year like this, when it comes to the ones that aren’t so generous, you can always still remenice over the times that you were able to feel really happy.

…And after a few years the best part is looking back at the older lists you’ve made! I often forget how long ago some things happen and so it’s a great way of keeping track.

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My memory box where I keep my lists- a gift from my friend Kara

I struggle to remember when I first saw this idea. I feel like it may have been a Tumblr post but wherever it’s from it has really stuck with me since I started in 2006.

2015, for me, was made up of some struggling moments but looking back at my list I can focus on all the amazing things that happened during those 12 months.

If you’re either stuck for ideas or are just curious as to what I included on my list last year, here it is…


If you decide to do this, tag me!

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