Hydrating your skin over the winter months

Hydrating your skin over the winter months


As soon as it begins to get colder we all know what’s coming; bulk buying soup, colds and perhaps more irritatingly, intensely dry skin…

Most of us know that when it’s colder outside we need to moisturise our skin more but there’s so many brands to chose from and so many products claiming to do more and more things for our skin.

I thought I’d share my current choices as we approach Winter, hoping it may give you some ideas on what goodies you can indulge in this season…


Last christmas I received two big Ted Baker gift sets, so now the winter has made an appearance I have cracked them open and i’m going full force into getting my skin nice and moisturised.

The two Ted Baker products that are pictured above are from different sets, therefore have slightly different scents. They both share a hint of rose but the body lotion is also made up of bergamot, patchouli and red fruit whereas the hand cream has sandalwood and shea butter to make it nice and creamy, whilst still having a fruity twist to it with raspberry.

I use the body lotion after a bath or shower, all over. I have sensitive skin, especially on my legs, which reacts to a lot of moisturisers i’ve tried in the past but this one seems to keep my skin hydrated and doesn’t cause a reaction.

I always carry a hand cream in my bag, although I do hate applying it, I get very dry hands, especially around my nails which tends to peel and become sore. When at work I keep the Soap and Glory ‘Hand Food’ on my desk so that I can apply it once i’ve washed my hands but for at home or when i’m out and about and feel like I need an instant dose of moisture I reach for this Ted Baker hand cream which not only smells gorgeous but is one of very few hand creams that I can apply and continue to use my hands straight after. I find it so annoying when a hand cream doesn’t soak in well enough and you have to wait around 5 minutes before you feel you can touch anything,.

The Jenny Packham ‘Salonnière’ foot lotion is something I keep on my bedside table. I’d be lying if I said I use this nightly, I would say I use this around 3 or 4 times a week… This is the last thing I do before I get into bed and i’d say this is the part of the body most people neglect the most. If you forget to include this step, try moving a lotion to your bedside table; that way when you see it, it will remind you to take a minute before bed and moisturise those feet!


As for my face, I go through stages of having quite oily skin and then quite dry skin. I currently use the Vichy ‘Normaderm unclogging exfoliating gel’ to exfoliate my face and it’s my favourite that i’ve found so far. It feels really refreshing and makes my skin soft but if my skin is particularly dry I can feel like I need a good moisturiser to apply afterwards.

The products pictured above are the items I currently use to moisturise my skin and keep my make-up looking better.

I’m a massive fan of La Roche Posay. They’re a French skincare brand that is available in Boots and i’ve tried a few things from their range before although this is the first tube of the anti-redness moisturiser that i’ve bought.

I really like it… I feel like there are more moisturising creams out there but this is enough for my skin and I really benefit from the ‘anti-redness’ factor.

On top of that I use the Smashbox ‘Photo Finish foundation primer’ in ‘Light’. This reassures me that my foundation will go on well over any skin issues like dry patches or blemishes. I use this on a daily basis because without it my foundation doesn’t last the length of my working day.

My skin gets the most attention and moisture at night. I have a full bedtime regime and after i’ve used the Soap and Glory ‘Peaches and Clean’ cleanser to remove my make-up I will use the newly released ‘Super-hydrating Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse’ by none other than Soap and Glory (I really love S&G!) along with their ‘Make Yourself Youthful’ eye cream.

I love this eye cream and find Soap and Glory to be a really affordable brand that has a great range of products. They smell great, they do the job and the packaging and branding is always on point. I have come to trust S&G a lot and if there is a product i’m looking for I will tend to head over to their stand to see if they have it before looking elsewhere.

I hope you have found this interesting or helpful… Although new, different, products from Ted Baker and Jenny Packham are now available, if you haven’t tried their products before I would recommend their gift sets, they are a great Christmas gift idea!

All links to brands are below…

Soap and Glory available at Boots

Ted Baker available at Boots

Jenny Packham ‘Salonnière’ available at Boots

La Roche Posay skincare available at Boots


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