I won’t deny it, I had a little smile when I flicked to page 100 of this months issue of Glamour.
Although it isn’t an Oscar or a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, being named ‘best dressed’ by Britain’s No.1 womens magazine must be a little confidence-boosting.

She won the title in 2013 but moved to the number 3 spot last year, losing out to Jennifer Lawrence (see my 2014 feature here).
Although I love Jennifer’s style I think Kristen’s is more playful and surprising. She can pull off multiple looks, even some that I don’t think suit her, but yet I’m still always intrigued to know what she goes for.

Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfield, is a  huge fan of Stewart; even making her the face of a western-inspired fashion release in 2014. With backing like that you’re surely destined for good things!

Below are some of my favourite photos of Kristen during 2014/2015, showing what I consider to be some of her best styles…

Magazine photoshoot for the Germany issue of Glamour - January 2015
Magazine photoshoot for the German issue of Glamour – January 2015
Marie-Claire, US - August cover
For Marie Claire, US – August cover
At the premier for Clouds of Sils Maria in Cannes 2014
Kristen-Stewart_-Marie-Claire-Uk 2014
For Marie Claire, UK – 2014
At the American Ultra premier in 2015
Promotional event for the Rosabotanica for Balenciaga perfume

I was surprised by a few positions, particularly Ellie Goulding (28), Sienna Miller (18) and Emma Stone who was at number 12 (I thought these would be higher!) but also to learn that it was Kendall Jenner’s first time in the top 50!


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