My Top 10 YouTubers

My Top 10 YouTubers

A few years ago it would have been extremely weird to admit you sit in your bedroom and film yourself talking to your camera but now there are people who do it for a living and a few thousand more trying to make YouTube their full-time job.

I, like so many others (including you?) chose to spend so much time watching other people film themselves and put it on the internet. Since reality TV became so popular we have grown a huge fixation with wanting to know what others get up to, what they like, and how they go about their daily lives and YouTube became the perfect place for people to share that kind of information in video form.

Over the years I have watched a lot of different people try to attempt to draw their audience in with their content and if the book deals and make-up ranges are to go by, some have grown to be pros. They’ve expanded from being just a ‘YouTuber’ and have showed that you can really make your hobby into a career (plus all the holidays and adventures make it look like the best job ever!)

I still watch the very first beauty guru I came across but there are also some that I unsubscribed to along the way so i’ve decided to chart my favourites…

10. Sam Chapman & Nic Haste / PIXIWOO


The first thing that attracted me to the Pixiwoo channel was the talent these sisters have. They know so much about beauty and you can tell it was learnt through passion and hard work. They both always look amazing and their tutorials are some of the easiest to follow on YouTube. If you’re looking to become a make-up artist or get into the industry, keep an eye on these ladies as they do make-up courses too!

I also really enjoy their ‘Tuesday Chats’ series where they interview all kinds of interesting people. They’re always insightful and the laid-back, chatty set-up makes it so easy to watch (plus they even had Kim K on their sofa!)

I really admire these two and think they’re great role models for the younger audience that YouTube attracts…

 9. Zoe Sugg / ZOELLA


Zoe Sugg has to be the most successful YouTuber; not only in terms of subscribers but for the accomplishments she’s made during her online career – she has her own product range, became an author and has two Teen Choice awards!

She just happens to be one of those girls you’re interested in knowing about and her channel is a great way of getting a nosey glimpse into her Brighton beach-life.

I personally love her feature videos the most, her set-up always looks good, she always has interesting ideas for them, plus they’re so easy to watch.

Oh, and the hair… before she had a lot of it chopped off, Zoe had extremely long hair and her hairstyle tutorials were a god send to people like me, with long locks. Amen, Zoe!

8. Nikki Phillippi / NIKKI PHILLIPPI


I always feel like Nikki creates really helpful videos that help inspire your daily life. She portrays a healthy, positive attitude and is always passing on her tips. She is also really into exercise and just watching her be active makes me want to do the same.

I’m really thankful that a while ago Nikki uploaded a video called ‘my acne cure’. She spoke about the struggles she had with her skin and the ways she had tried to improve it, but that eventually she booked a dermatology appointment after nothing worked. I was experiencing the exact same frustration and after hearing she had seen impressive results from it, I booked an appointment for myself. Now I live acne free too! (I can’t thank Nikki enough for that!)

7. Ingrid Nilsen / THE GRID MONSTER


Out of all the YouTubers i’m subscribed to, Ingrid probably offers the widest range of videos. From hair tutorials, handy DIY creations to her latest #FMFU (five minutes for us) series – my favourite yet. (Normally short weekly videos where she discusses a particular subject)

I love Ingrid for making videos that when you watch them, you feel like you’re having a good, in-depth chat with your friends. Almost therapeutic. She is wise beyond her years and is just simply stunning…

When I first discovered that these girls were making a career on YouTube, Ingrid was actually one of the first I came across and although her channel has changed quite a bit in that time, I still enjoy seeing her uploads flash up on my subscriptions page.

6. Samantha Maria / BEAUTYCRUSH


When it comes to clothes, this girl has got it! She is probably one of my biggest style inspirations, mainly because her style is so simple but so amazingly put together. She somehow manages to make simple pieces look so stylish. She also just released a clothing range called ‘Novem & Knight’…

I love that she is tattooed, finding her tattoo update videos really interesting as she shows them up-close and explains why she got them. I feel like we share the same tastes in many things, including homeware and puppies! Her house is decorated in a similar style to what I like and she has two bulldogs (one French, one English) which is my favourite breed.

Sammi comes across very natural in her videos and they seem less edited than a lot of others which is very refreshing.



The Fletcher family is fairly well-know online, mainly thanks to Tom’s adorable wedding speech which went viral, but his sister Carrie developed her own audience through YouTube a few years ago when she began to talk about life, love and growing up all in the form of a video diary.

The much-loved ‘Dear Carrie/Dear Tom’ (and most recently ‘Dear Gi’) videos were created when they both had busy schedules and couldn’t see each other very much. They normally update each other on what they have been up to and then the other will respond, allowing them to stay in touch but also entertain us!

Another reason to watch this trio is for their singing. Tom is obviously famous from his success with McFly but not many know that his wife Giovanna is an amazing singer. They often film themselves doing covers, which always sounds gorgeous and Carrie (who is in currently in Les Mis) also showcases her thatrical voice!

4. Tanya Burr / TANYA BURR

tanya burrThe first thing that comes to mind with Tanya is her natural beauty and radiance for life. I think Tanya has to be one of the most beautiful girls in the celebrity circuit right now and you can really tell she is a positive person as it becomes infectious when you watch her videos.
Her make-up tutorials are my favourite (the Audrey Hepburn one, to be precise!) I love the chatty, upbeat feel to them and she always looks flawless…
Her wardrobe would be every girls dream and her relationship (soon to be marriage…) with Jim is the cutest thing I may have ever seen.

Although she is glamorous and is often seen at premiers now, she is still a home-bird at heart. Her vlogs will show her love for baking and watching endless amounts of Pretty Little Liars and you will more than likely come away from your laptop wanting to be more like Tanya Burr.

3. Amelia Liana / AMELIA LIANA

ameliaYou only have to watch one or two videos on Amelia’s channel before you want to be her best friend. Her honest and funny personality just comes across so naturally.

My favourites are her tag videos – she does these so well and they’re always fun to watch, especially the ‘TMI’ tag.

She often does collaboration videos too and she seems to have really struck a strong friendship with Estee from Essie Button. These two together are amazing and every video they film is just so enjoyable to watch.

Amelia loves Paris and she’s often taking us on a trip around the city in her vlogs.

2. Estée Lalonde / ESSIE BUTTON

esteeEstée from Essie Button is definitely one of my favourites. She seems like such a sweet woman and she just gives off a really content, happy vibe.

If you’re keeping up with her home life with Reggie the greyhound and her long-time boyfriend Aslan, you can always guarantee a long dog walk and some form of good food that will make your mouth water.

These two love to travel and often give good recommendations on places to go and things to do, plus she’s a Canadian which means she flies back a few times a year to see her family, which she usually vlogs.

Recently she started ‘Button’s Bookshelf’ which is where she chooses a book each month to read and then reviews it in a chatty video. She encourages her viewers to buy the book too so they can read it and join in the discussion – something I personally like about her because I’m a bookworm!


fleur 2

So Fleur De Force is my number one YouTuber!

I firstly have to admit that Fleur was the very first beauty YouTuber I came across and I can honestly say she has remained my favourite throughout – for many reasons!

She creates a large amount of different videos including homely vlogs, hauls, outfit diaries and ‘get ready with me’ videos (just to name a few!)

My personal favourites are her vlogs and hauls. I think she has great taste in clothes and homeware and normally has a mix of both high street and high end.

She daily vlogs a lot throughout the year and you can often catch her and her husband, Mike, having cuddles with their three dogs. This couple are all about animals and the country life and it seems to suit them! As much as they’re homebodies, Fleur loves to travel. Always jet-setting to a hot country to see friends or take part in events abroad which make watching her videos even more interesting.

Over the years many YouTubers have updated the quality of their videos and editing but I think Fleur has really found a good balance. Her main videos always appear clean and crisp which make them easier to watch for a longer period but they’re not overly-edited which can sometimes make them appear unrelatable.

Considering how long I’ve been a subscriber and how often I watch Fleur’s videos, I never get bored of watching them. I really think every girl would enjoy at least one aspect of Fleur’s work…

Other YouTubers that deserve a mention are… Gabriella Lindley / ‘Velvetgh0st’, Anna / ‘ViviannaDoesMakeup’ and Alix / ‘ICovetThee’


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