Best Online Interior Inspirations

Best Online Interior Inspirations

Ever since I first saw MTV’s ‘MADE’ I become fascinated with interior decoration and although it may have given off the impression you need to be well off to have a stylish home, these companies below will prove you can achieve the look you want with less cash than the rich and famous…

Whether you’re a shabby-chic fan or you prefer a more minimal, Scandinavian inspired look, these cover all bases but we all know that every idea stems from inspiration! So firstly, here are my top online places to go to for home ideas…

Pinterest – also available in app form on iPhone and Android

my pinterest page –


What is it? Pinterest is a photo sharing website for the creative. It has every helpful tip you could imagine and includes so many good interior ideas in more ways than you can imagine! It is the first place I go to when I want to look at all things pretty or to get inspiration for my home.

What is it good for? Saving pictures you like to your own categorised boards to look back on, varied search subjects, celebrity pinners (see below) and DIY inspiration.

Top celebrity interior pinners – Lauren Conrad and Jessica Alba

interior 1    interior 2    interior3

Domaine or ‘domaine home’ on Pinterest

domaineWhat is it? Domaine is a huge inspirational door to interior decoration. If you’re after a professional finish to your home or project and want tips on how to achieve it, Domaine has the answer.

What is it good for? This site is for the nosy! It allows you to look into celebrities homes (anyone from Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden to Kourtney Kardashian and Jessica Alba!) and also gives details on where you can shop to get the look.

jess alba  office  tricks

YouTube – also available in app form

youtubeWhat is it? Video heaven

What is it good for? Although I haven’t yet found any particular users I have subscribed to for interior inspiration there certainly are some good videos that I have come across over the years that have been interesting and helpful (see below!)

I find with YouTube you have to be more specific when searching for the right videos which is why I spend more time on Pinterest but apartment and home tours are a great way to see into others homes and to steal ideas.

Ingrid Nilsen home makeover – Part 1

Ingrid Nilsen home makeover – Part 2

Websites to browse and buy:

(All UK links, change country accordingly)

Urban Outfitters homeware

Anthropologie homeware

Next homeware

TK Maxx home section

Oliver Bonas homeware

Zara Home

Not on the Highstreet


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