It was her bad-ass movie roles that first got Jennifer Lawrence notice (First X-Men:First Class then her character as Katniss in the phenomena driven Hunger Games), but it was her dry sense of humour off-set that captivated us further…
She provided the meme world with a catalogue of savoured laugh-out-loud moments and now the world has recognised her style too, proving she’s not just the funny girl.
Upon googling her, it’s really no surprise she’s been voted for so favourably. She seems more diverse than most, expanding her choices from elegant black to youthful brights as well as embracing daring patterns when the LBD just won’t cut it…
A few of the looks which undoubtedly impacted the JL vote
For red carpet events Jennifer always opts for a fitted dress which shows off her amazing figure perfectly. She seems to have the wardrobe you’d love to raid, the answer to the first question you usually ask yourself when coming up with an answer to who you think should be Glamour magazine’s ‘best dressed woman of the year’.
Fellow actress Kristen Stewart proudly snatched the number one spot last year from Emma Watson after the fashion industry obsessed over her style evolution. She made us believe that no one would quite rock a leather jacket like she could but it seems Jennifer Lawrence’s laid-back look, which in my opinion isn’t too different from Kristen’s, is now taking over the magazine pages and has even moved her to the number three spot! What’s more incredible is that to get to the top Jennifer has moved up a massive 47 places!
If, like me, you love a tee and leather jacket combo, I’ve created an affordable Jennifer Lawrence inspired outfit below – all links to where you can find them and prices below.


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