Glamour’s Best Dressed 2013 – Kristen Stewart

Glamour’s Best Dressed 2013 – Kristen Stewart

If you read Glamour Magazine you will have seen that in June’s issue they featured the 50 best dressed women of 2013. This is one of the yearly features I look forward to every Spring; mainly to see who everyone else is watching in terms of fashion but also to see where the people I really like have ranked…
This year Kristen Stewart triumphed again! It’s the second year in a row she’s managed to fight off the other fashionistas to claim the top spot, but it seems to be a constant close running with Emma Watson (Emma came 1st in 2011, the year she donned the pixie haircut!)
So what does the best dressed woman of 2013 wear? Well… often just a plain tee, a hoodie, dark jeans and some flats. If you love Kristen’s look just as much as Glamour, take a peep at the collection of clothes I’ve put together below – it’s an easy way to steal her style!

Glamour's Best Dressed 2013 - Kristen Stewart

Although Kristen’s go-to outfit is comfortable and slouchy, she really transforms herself when it comes to the red carpet and events. Her stylist loves working with her because she’s creative with fashion and dares to wear some things others wouldn’t even consider. Her dress choices, I think, are very unpredictable, which makes it interesting as you never know what type of look she will go for next. Here’s an outfit idea for evening if you like her style…

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