Vanessa Hudgens Fashionfolio

Vanessa Hudgens Fashionfolio


The first woman to feature in my ‘Fashionfolio’

We all talk about which celebrity wardrobes we’d love to raid but I’m sure many wouldn’t turn down a rummage in Miss Hudgens closet! This Californian chick is famous for her boho style, but I’ve noticed while putting this feature together that she’s also not shy of a colour or two! Let’s all look at some of her past staple styles…

Street Style

Vanessa always wears clothes that look super comfy but at the same time she manages to create style. Like any girl, she loves jeans; matching them with chunky knits and loose-fit tops or adding a trendy leather jacket to pull off a relaxed evening look.

Accessories are mighty important to this girl – good shoes are a MUST! I love the nude shoe-boots she is wearing in the second photograph and the knee-high boots are a great addition to any Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Shades are also a big part of Vanessa’s look – two pairs in particular – her Micheal Kors ‘Bradshaw’ and her gold Ray Ban aviators.

Now we can’t forget about handbags… VH’s favourite right now is the JJ Winters suede multi zipper bag. It’s pretty pricey and I think is only easily available in the U.S, but you can purchase their bags from one of Vanessa’s favourite stores, Planet Blue (see website: and they do ship to most countries including the UK.

The last photo really showcases her boho-beauty. The staple dress with accompanied long necklace and sunnies is a key look for V. It’s her perfect day outfit and is certainly the look that she is most well known for.

Love Of Colour

One thing I admire about Vanessa’s fashion sense is that she really plays with colour! She also pulls off so many different styles of dresses and this makes her look so versatile. You can see by the four pictures I’ve picked out above that they’re all very different cuts and colours and yet she looks stunningly beautiful in all of them. She dresses for her figure and although she may be famous for her love of boho she doesn’t stick to a default style and this shows what you can achieve if you’re willing to try new things when it comes to fashion and clothes – you can re-invent your look as often as you like.

My favourite out of all four of these has to be the blue dress, simply for the belt detail around the waist, I love tassels and the sheer material around the bust is gorgeous. I do however like all of these looks and as a big fan of Grecian styled clothing, I really adore the yellow floor-length gown too. You may notice that she isn’t wearing much jewelry in these photos, I think that just shows that these dresses have enough ‘wow-factor’ on their own, without having to be accessorized.

Coffee Is An Accessory

Vanessa has donned some of her cutest outfits while on a Starbucks run and I especially like the grey maxi dress she’s wearing in the second photo. This makes her look so slim and tall and her hair looks divine! I think it’s safe to say this is another set of pictures that really shows how she pulls off the comfy-stylish combo.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I will be doing other Fashionfolio’s in the future featuring different celebrities (male and female), but if you have any specific requests that you’d like to see then please feel free to comment and let me know!


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