GLAMOUR Women Of The Year Awards – My thoughts on the winners

GLAMOUR Women Of The Year Awards – My thoughts on the winners

Every year celebrities voice their excitement over the annual Glamour Women Of The Year Awards and at the same time we get excited about getting to see all the glitzy outfits! All the biggest names attend this event and this year was no exception with stars such as Jessie J, Kylie Minogue, Kelly Rowland and Chris Moyles all showing up. The fashion bar was set high as many dazzled in glamourous dresses made to highlight their best assets and may I say there were some dashing men roaming around too. There are many things to be said about this amazing evening so I better get started…

Eva Longoria

GLAMOUR Inspiration Of The Year award

Firstly I have to say I think Eva Longoria was one of the best dressed, she just suits Victoria Beckham’s designs so well and because she has such a fantastic figure she can easily pull off the vibrant colours and the fitted fabrics. Now because Desperate Housewives is my favourite TV show, I knew plenty about Gabrielle Solis but very little about Eva Longoria, that was until I saw her being interviewed by Piers Morgan on his CNN show ‘Tonight’. She spoke with such knowledge and passion about numerous subjects and her intellectual flare was really strong, leaving me thinking this was a woman who knows her stuff and not just a (very!) pretty face. The copious amounts of charity work she does is really humbling, even starting up her own organisation called ‘Eva’s Heroes’. She is also a well known philanthropist and dabbles in politics. There is no stopping this women. She fully deserves to win this award.

Jessica Alba

GLAMOUR Entrepreneur Of The Year award

I think Jessica Alba is a stunning lady, one of those types that can get away with no make-up and still look great, but I don’t think this dress is that fabulous, which is highly shocking considering it is an Alexander McQueen design. I think it suits her but it doesn’t make me think ‘wow’ and I think it was certainly overshadowed by a few other dresses that night. Even though she didn’t win me over with the dress, she has certainly won over many people with her business ‘The Honest Company’. They create 100% natural, eco friendly baby essentials as well as green household cleaning products. She seems to have firmly placed her feet within the market and is booming, which is great for a company that considers the planet in such helpful ways. For her efforts on making products more friendly to children and the world, I can safely say Jessica is a great winner for the entrepreneur award.

Kelly Rowland

GLAMOUR TV Personality Of The Year award

I adore this dress, the fabric looks so comfortable and smart, and the pattern stops it from looking too plain. The cut of the dress really works with her figure and the train adds a touch of class. Kelly featured as a judge on The X-Factor in 2011 and as a part of the new pannel, gave the show a whole new and exciting feel! She obviously impressed enough of the nation to be crowned winner of this award, and she certainly won me over. Her warm, down-to-earth personality combined with her ballsy dance outbursts were the winning combination as she got everyone talking when the series aired. And who doesn’t love a Destiny’s Child?? I personally think Tulisa did just as well on the show and she was actually a nominee for this award so it would have also been nice to see her receive the same amount of public acceptance and Amanda Holden for Britain’s Got Talent.

Lily Collins

PANDORA Breakthrough Of The Year award

Lily is so beautiful and talented although I was a little shocked she beat some of the other nominees for this award. I have seen her in The Blind Side (playing Sandra Bullock’s daughter) and Abduction (Taylor Lautner’s love interest) and even though she wasn’t the leading role in these movies, she is certainly making her way there. At first sight, I thought this dress looked so great – the shape and the colour makes it look really vintage, but now that I have seen the pattern up close, I’m not too sure on the detail. I think I would prefer it if it was just plain fabric, which is probably taking away from it what most people would love about this dress. I think her make-up and hair really adds to the look too, she seems to be going for quite a dark glamourous feel but she can really pull it off. I would have preferred Emile Sande to win, I think she has made more of an impact or Rooney Mara for her amazing performance in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

Lea Michele

GLAMOUR US TV Actress Of The Year award

What a dress! Lea has had some good coverage in Glamour magazine over the last few years, and from reading her interviews I think she comes across as a lovely woman. She seems to know her fashion knowledge too as you can see by her outfit choice for the awards ceremony! This is so glamourous, it reminds me of the Marilyn Monroe types, showcasing the curves and adding length with the tail. I think the gorgeous blue colour really helps, the style of a dress can be completely transformed by the colour and this just really works. The fact she is wearing large earings doesn’t seem to take away from the outfit at all, I think she (or should I say her stylist?) did really well picking out this look! I have to say, I’m not an addicted Glee fan, and have only really watched the show if it has happened to have been on but I’ve seen enough to know Lea has an incredible voice, and late last year I went to see the movie New Years Eve which Lea also starred in. I think she played a good character and it was kind of nice to see her in something else other than Glee, so even though there are many Americans deserving of this award, I wouldn’t take the achievement away from Miss Michele.

Tom Hiddleston

GLAMOUR Man Of The Year award

I didn’t really know who Tom was until quite recently, he seems to have burst on to the scene quite explosively just lately and my first thought looking through these photos for the first time was that he dressed so well for these awards. He definitely ranked impressively on my mental ‘best dressed men’ list. Most will know him for his part as Loki in Thor or The Avengers Assemble of which I personally really enjoyed, and his appearance at Glamour proved that he can dress as well as he acts. When I’m filling out the Glamour awards entry form, I always think that this is a hard one to nominate for, I never know who to put and I have to admit, Tom wasn’t my choice this year. To win means that many thought he was worthy of this title though and who am I to argue with that?

Charlotte Dellal

GLAMOUR Accessories Designer Of The Year award

If you took a look at Charlotte’s clients, you would be very impressed and hand her this award instantly for her achievements. In 2007 she created her own company called Charlotte Olympia which has proved to be very successful. If you’re wondering who her clients are, let me just tell you! She had the honor of creating the shoes which accompanied Victoria Beckham’s ‘Victoria’ dress collection as well as providing footwear for Sarah Jessica Parker – I know! I think her own outfit and shoes on the night looked great, I especially like the flower detail on the shoulders of the dress. Although I  have to admit I did vote for Victoria Beckham to win this award, as I probably will every year (I am a MASSIVE fan of Victoria’s brand!), Charlotte is a great winner in her own right and I thoroughly enjoy her work.

Dionne Warwick

GLAMOUR Icon award

Everyone knows that Dionne Warwick is a classic artist when it comes to music, but is she as classic when it comes to fashion and glamour? It appears so! I think she looks fabulous here, especially as she is soon to celebrate her 72nd birthday. She wears a flattering gown and appears very happy to have been named the icon of 2012 by Glamour magazine! With a career worth more than 50 years, there can’t be much more that this woman can offer, surely? I feel this award is a thank you for the entertainment she has provided for so many people.

Fearne Cotton

GLAMOUR Radio Personality Of The Year award

Fearne Cotton is as hard-working as they come. Being a part of a number of TV shows and still ensuring that her BBC Radio1 slot is firmly at it’s best, I wonder just how she does it, but that’s the thing; Fearne just does. She has her popular Very range to design and promote, her place on Celebrity Juice is always a priority as well as embarking on another series of her own TV series ‘Fearne and…’.

I for one can vouch that Fearne is my favourite Radio1 DJ and I can reveal that I did vote for her to win this award this year as well as many previous years. The fact that this is the fourth time Fearne has won this gong is a testament to her work and dedicated and growing fan base who vote for her every year.

Moving on to her outfit, this is my overall favourite of the night. It’s so different and the colour is so gorgeous. Theyskens    Theory created the dress and her shoes were by Dolce and Gabanna if anyone was wondering. Perfect outfit for her quirky style, and her hair and make-up looked really great too.

Jessica Brown Findlay

GLAMOUR UK TV Actress Of The Year award

Downton Abbey was Jessica’s big break, the show that put her name out there and widened her opportunities in show business. It not only became a TV staple in the UK but America loved it too and you know you’ve ‘made it’ when Tom Hanks is star-struck to meet you!

I have to confess I am a Downton Abbey virgin and have shamefully not even watched one episode, although that doesn’t mean to say it has not intrigued me. Outfit wise, I think Jessica listed on the worst dressed… I love the shoes but the dress just doesn’t do anything for her. She is a young, gorgeous woman and I would have liked to have seen her in something more fun and less ‘old’.

Considering the Downton Abbey cast dominated this years nominee list and I can’t judge their performance, I would have to say I think Vicky McClure would have been my choice as I thought she was fantastic in This Is England.

Kylie Minogue

GLAMOUR Outstanding Contribution award

Kylie isn’t shy of Glamour awards, she previously won two in 2009 and this will be another she can add to her shelf! She has spent many years entertaining us with her music and then she decided to create her own perfume and fashion line too, showing there is no end to her talent.

I love this dress on Kylie because the colour makes her look so healthy and radiant. The shape is quite dramatic and it would be hard not to recognize whoever is wearing this gorgeous frock! She too featured on my ‘best dressed women’ list if you were wondering…

Viola Davis

GLAMOUR Film Actress Of The Year award

Throughout all the hype over The Help I somehow managed to skip watching the film for a good few months, despite wanting to go to the cinema when it was first advertised. I actually only watched the movie about a week ago and I was blown away with how good it was! Viola Davis plays one of the main roles and her performance is flawless, which is probably why it catapulted her to fame.

I tried finding out who this dress was by but I had no luck, I have to say this isn’t my favourite dress she has ever worn but it did escape the worst dressed list. When Victoria Beckham was on The View with Viola they spoke about her lending a dress, I was interested to see how she would look in a Victoria design but I don’t think she ever did wear one. I have to just add, no one is more deserving of this award, if you have not seen The Help yet – go watch it now!

Jessie J

GLAMOUR UK Solo Artist Of The Year award

I’m a massive Jessie J fan, I think she has the most incredible voice and she seems so genuine and down to earth. Her look on the night was fabulous, I thought. The Julien Macdonald dress looks so gorgeous on her, it’s just so ‘Jessie’, with all the fringe and cut-out detail. This is the second year in a row that she has worn black to the Glamour awards, next year I hope she spices things up a little but she definitely gets a thumbs up!

I’m thrilled she won the award for best UK solo artist, I think she deserves every inch of recognition and admiration.

Hayley Turner

GLAMOUR Sportswoman Of The Year award

I’m not one for watching sports so would have no idea who to put forward for this award, but I do know that this dress is just absolutely gorgeous! I don’t think it would be the kind of dress to suit me, but I think it looks so nice on Hayley. I really like these two colours together and funnily enough my outfit today is black and pale pink. The shoes are OK but I think some nice pink heels would have been a little nicer, just to finish off the outfit and make it look more together.

Holly Willoughby

GLAMOUR Presenter Of The Year award

Holly seems to have taken over TV within the last couple of years, she has managed to bag herself almost every presenting spot available I think! Celebrity Juice, This Morning, Dancing on Ice and The Voice just wasn’t enough for this work-hungry lady so she, along with Fearne Cotton, created her own Very range which has been going strong for a number of years now. Holly is also bringing back the tele classic ‘Surprise, Surprise’ this summer which i’m really looking forward to. Managing all this along with 2 small children makes for one superwoman and so she definitely deserves this award!

Sophia Vergara

GLAMOUR Comedy Actress Of The Year award

I just have to say, I think Sophia looks so beautiful in this photo. Her dress suits her so well and the colour makes her look very healthy and sexy. She also has great hair and her subtle make-up goes perfectly to make this whole look look so effortless and great.

In case you’re wondering what Sophia won her award for, she starred in the American comedy TV show ‘Modern Family’. This proved to be really popular and has created massive hype over her acting ability. For her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett she has been nominated for a Golden Globe and a Emmy award as well as of course winning the Glamour award this year… she seems unstoppable!

I’m quite shocked that she beat comedy gold actresses Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders! My winner would have been either Kat Dennings for 2 Broke Girls which I think is brilliant or Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids!

Donatella Versace

GLAMOUR Designer Of The Year award

Donatella is a classic, although you probably have realized by now that if Victoria Beckham is voted for an award, she would have been my winning choice. Diane von Furstenburg was also nominated and I think she would have been a worthy winner, her collections are amazing.

I do find this photo a little ghastly, but reverting my eyes back to the dress – it’s stunning! Everyone seems to know that Versace is an amazing brand but I think this award is proof of that.

Amanda Holden

GLAMOUR Theatre Actress Of The Year award

I’ve really warmed to Amanda Holden since she’s been appearing on our TV screens a little more over the last few years. She ended up becoming a part of this fascination that the public built up over which outfits the female stars were wearing. She received great comments about the dresses she wore during filming and I personally think Amanda has a good everyday style.

Her dress for the Glamour awards looked really stunning, I would have adored it more though I think if it had been just a tad shorter. I’m also not overly keen on her shoes, it does make me think more on the lines of ‘little girl in a flower dress’ rather than a woman in a stylish dress which is a little strange. I think my perception would have been different had the shoes been a different style but I think she has had better style days. Her outfit was also very similar to Kelly Brook’s.

I hope you have enjoyed my opinions on the Glamour Awards! Please feel free to leave comments on your opinions too…


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